In one of Jiho hyung’s lyrics, he wrote, ‘I am the roof as well as the pillar so I can’t crumble; everyone try and fight me.’ Just like the lyrics he wrote, I hope he can live the rest of his life being that awesome roof and pillar for us and his fans, and remain as the Zico with awesome leadership.
—P.O’s message to Zico, 140826 4 Things Show (via kkanari)
Block B tumblr blogs Zico:
offended by everything, sends himself anon hate has like maybe 68 followers
tumblr fame pastel goth, never shows his face but selcas get like 1k notes every time, 'follow 4 pale and goth'
Park Kyung:
'420', booze, party hard and sex, but is still a virgin who is always home at the curfew. Has tried to smoke a cigarette but didnt like the taste
reblogs every post from taeil
basically just dogs, cat gifs and pictures of starbucks coffee, has one of those cute pink themes
9gag, has deafult blogtheme, tags everything to 'lol' or 'hahahah'
selcas with 0 notes